So, this is a blog like so many others, and not nearly as much stuff as some, why should I have to pay for it?

Well, first off, you don’t HAVE to.  And you definitely shouldn’t if you don’t want to, or you can’t, or it’s just not that important to you. I’m happy that you’ve given me a piece of your time.

But this blog is, basically, a for-profit thing for me. It’s one of the few things that I can do to generate income overseas that isn’t likely to anger the gods of immigration, and also the more it generates, the more I can allot time to it, by writing longer articles and going out and seeing and taking pictures of more cool things. Basically, I will scale my ambitions for this site according to how much work I can justify putting into it by the support for it. Whatever that winds up being is cool.

I do have a lot of stuff I’d like to do with it, though. Content-wise, not just moving forward, but reaching backward with the accumulation of stories, pictures, writing and music through the years.  It’s all a matter of having the time to delve into it all.

Like everything else, this concept is a work in progress. As of now, there’s two ways you can support it:  a direct one-time PayPal donation or by becoming a regular subscriber through a website called Patreon, which is a great service that enables people to financial report content creators.

Rewards and Premium Content

Whatever you kick in is up to you, though at $5/month (or a $25 one time donation) you’ll be listed as a subscriber on the page (if you want to).

$10/month (0r a $50 one time donation) you’ll be able to read and preview my huge Musician’s Diary (1994-2014) a day-to-day chronicle of 20 crazy years of music, which will not be posted publicly for months if not years to come; and at $20/month (or a $100 one time donation) you’ll also get an article on demand – that is, I will choose from a list of at least four things you want me to write about, and post it on the blog.

I’m planning other premium content for the future, too. Stay tuned!

I have to repeat – whether you participate in this is totally up to you.  Frankly, there’s only a few things on the web that I pay for and I suspect that’s true of you too.  I won’t hold it against you if you don’t.  But if this became a self-sustaining thing, I could do some really cool stuff – much better design, more trips to more interesting places, more long-form writing.  If the blog brings in enough to allow for that to happen, then why not?

To participate, the links are below.  Thank you!

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