Have you thought about a change in your life?  Leaving the United States, temporarily or permanently?  Exploring new cultures or new relationships in a foreign country?

O.K., that was a little Sally Struthers.  Because we all do, sometimes…except we’d never do it, right? Well, if you’d told me six years ago this is what I’d be doing with my life I would have said you were frickin’ nuts.  It just seemed like something someone else did…too many dangers, too many unknowns, too many things that could go wrong.

But, I did it…and I have a pretty good perspective now on the benefits and the pratfalls of leaving the U.S. to spend an extended time in Asia…and I’ve met an awful lot of people like me who have found happiness in a different environment…people that were bored or stagnated by their lives in their own cultures – the limitations of their work, their social circle, their dating options, their lifestyle – and they found what they were looking for by coming to a complete new environment.

If you’re curious about any aspect of leaving the U.S. – from anything as simple as dating or forming new relationships overseas to how to transplant your entire life – you’re always free to drop me a line with any questions you might have.  For more involved questions I’m also opening myself up to Skype sessions (or intensive e-mail rounds). I can give you my experience of what you need to do and what to look out for, and help you research for questions you might have, starting at just $30 for a 30-minute video conferencing session (or three email exchanges of unlimited length).

You only live once, and there’s a whole world out there.  Why not experience a little bit of it.

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