Future Of The Blog

Well, I had almost finished a quite long and detailed post about what I see about the future of I Just Disappear, and then suddenly WordPress crashed and it all vanished. Which is a good metaphor for some of the issues I’ve been having.

I’ve not been updating this much since “Adam Walks Around” started…the YouTube show seems to be attracting attention and fulfilling the goals I had for I Just Disappear much better, and of course there’s the question of how much time I have to allot on creative efforts given I still have to pay the bills.

However, people do come to this blog from time to time when there’s content that excites them…a bigger problem for me, and for them, is that the format WordPress and my own technical limitations circumscribes make this page slow to load and difficult to navigate – while changes to the back end of the system has made writing blog posts less intuitive and more bug-prone than before.

The good news is that with “Adam Walks Around” I’ve finally started to come to grips with how people consume creative work in 2019. This has ramifications across the board, especially for my music and record label. It will take some time to get all these boats to row in the same direction. But folks who know me know I will get there. It just will take awhile. I’m only one guy with limited resources and income.

There will be a role for the blog in that. In the short term, though, there’s no way to fix the shortcomings I see with the blog without a bottom-up redesign of the site. I don’t have time for that right now (especially because I have two other sites waiting in the wings that I haven’t had time to deal with).

In the short term, what I’m thinking of is making the site more music-focused, which are the posts that seem to get the most interest and also are not covering the same ground as the YouTube show. Now, I don’t have the patience or desire to do a full on music blog reviewing new music or taking submissions. I wrote an awful lot about why that is, but WordPress ate it, so maybe it’s just as well.

But what I can do is continue in the vein of previous posts and write in detail about music that has excited me – do a deep dive on some very specific things. This seems to be content that people like to hear me prattle on about and that will bring them to the site. So I plan to be doing some of that in the coming months.

It’s an inelegant solution, but it will keep the blog going and keep people coming to it from time to time while I develop the YouTube show and figure out ways to make a living. I think given time, it will all work out and there will be a place for this in the bigger scheme of things. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what’s here and what’s to come while that transition occurs.

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