10,000 Roses

Mactan Island’s main tourist attraction.

A couple of shows that kicked my ass, plus the high cost of cab fare, prevented me from exploring around Cebu very much, but I did get to check out one of the big attractions on nearby Mactan Island – 10,000 Roses.

It’s really just a coffee shop – with decent coffee but frankly a pretty limited menu – situated on a point of land that juts out into picturesque Mactan Reef Flat. I got there just at golden time – right before sunset – and was able to get some more wonderful shots of the nearby water and a few good views of the roses in question – not real, but artificial and powered with LED lights – in the dark. I took a look at some of the photos already on the web and I think these measure up pretty well, though sadly in the dusk the view of Cebu’s skyline from across the Bay didn’t pan out well. Enjoy our visit to Mactan Island’s most scenic coffee shop – 10,000 Roses – and enjoy the quite views of the surrounding wetlands as the warm tropical breezes blow gently by….

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