Bear With Me!

Haven’t been able to post anything new in a few days because of a confluence of events – not having my local phone means I’m at the mercy of my local (inconsistent) wi-fi, and I’ve had to use the internet time I do have trying to sort through where I’m going to be staying the next few months. Also, I have friends coming from the U.S. today so that’s going to take my focus away a little bit. Should have some good pictures to share though. 🙂

However, what’s cool is it looks like next month I’ll be getting to some new and interesting places. I’m looking hard at returning to Palawan, named “best island in the world” on some travel lists, and seeing some things I didn’t get a chance to see on my previous visits there. I’ll also be spending a week in Cebu, the jewel of the Visayas.

Got some pretty cool plans moving ahead for things to post about and talk about, so stand by. 🙂

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